Dice Towers - Items tagged as "Tombstone"

Our dice towers are compact and portable. They stand approximately 5" tall and are composed of only two pieces, the tower and the tray.
Each dice tower is laser cut from high quality MDF..
Our dice towers are designed in such a way that the dice feel like they are calculating the outcome as you roll. This means that as the dice pass through the tower they are bouncing around off the four interior baffles. This also ensures that the dice are rotated and randomized before they roll out into the form fitting tray cover. This dice tower is also designed so you can place your dice inside the tower and then fold it up for transport.
Works best with dice 16mm to 20mm.
Free pair of dice with every dice tower.

Dice towers are great for board or dice games and make great gifts for gamers or people who are hard to buy for. Everyone loves dice towers!
Our unique dice towers are offered in a wide variety of designs and colored window acrylics.
Contact us with any questions or requests.